RayFire Asperity Material

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适用版本: 2013-2017
This scripted plugin is intended for inner RayFire faces of debris fragments.

While the wellknown Asperity Modifier adds detalization by adding geometry modifying the existing topology, this parametric material works in a different way, as a procedural texture adding strong details with a variety of basic materials, including wood splinters, without adding any extra polygon to the scene.

In many cases, the Asperity modifier causes the system to crash specially when using a huge amount of debris objects in the scene.

RayFire Asperity Material will add not just roughness and kill sharp edges, but will add complex diffuse details in order to achieve a fully finished debris look in your massive debris renderings.

Additional Info:


Copy and paste the script in Startup, restart and you′ll find the new material in the material browser.

This material is intended for Vray renderer.

Version Requirement:
3dsmax 8

Other Software Required:
Vray renderer


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